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Mike Fero, Ph.D. – Organism Making and Modding

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Until recently, modifying microbial, plant, and animal cells has been a slow and artisanal process. However, with advances in technology allowing researchers to read, write, cut, copy and paste DNA much more easily, systems can now be put in places that vastly accelerate product development of everything from bio-based replacements for petroleum-derived chemicals to modified human cells that fight cancer.

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Lynda Weinman, Patrick Hall – Kindred Spirits, a collaboration between traditional ceramics and 3D printed clay

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During the past year’s shutdown, Patrick and Lynda got busy. They collaborated on a series of pieces that combined traditional ceramics techniques and 3D clay printing. The result is that they both pushed their work in new, unforeseen directions and landed a prestigious exhibition at Sullivan Goss gallery Santa Barbara.