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John Seigel Boettner

Riding on the Shoulders of Giants. Cycling Without Age - the worldwide movement.

Category: The Pandemic,

We will talk with John Seigel Boettner, the Santa Barbara representative of Cycling Without Age. A worldwide movement providing joy and vitality to older adults through the magic of a bicycle ride. Memories are awakened by the wind, community renewed by a wave, and citizenship remembered when a silver-haired giant gives you a wink and a nod at the crosswalk.

John Seigel Boettner took his training wheels off in 1958 and promptly crashed the family bike into the geraniums on Chino Street. Since then, the magic of two wheels has helped him carry his Eddie Mathews glove to Pee Wee League games at MacKenzie Park . . . deliver the Santa Barbara News-Press . . . honeymoon with his wife . . . pedal his newborn sons home from Cottage Hospital . . . and cycle with hundreds of Santa Barbara young people all over the world. Starting the Santa Barbara chapter of Cycling Without Age seemed the perfect next ride.

Carole Robin, Ph.D.

Staying Connected in our new Virtual Worlds: Tools to develop more fulfilling relationships.

Category: The Pandemic,

Carole has worked with thousands of MBAs and hundreds of high-profile execs and their teams for 40+ years to increase their EQ and interpersonal effectiveness by helping them understand the difference between contact and connection. She'll unpack how to deepen relationships during COVID.

Carole Robin is a former Stanford GSB professor with a bunch of fancy titles who taught the legendary Interpersonal Dynamics course (aka Touchy Feely) and subsequently co-founded Leaders in Tech, bringing all she taught to Tech startup CEOs. She is the co-author of Penguin Random House's new Connect which contains the lessons of "Touchy Feely" that thousands of students for decades consistently describe as life-changing because it didn't only make them better leaders -- it made them (and continues to make them) better sons, daughters, spouses, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues.


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Cleaning up after COVID

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“It was an honor to contribute, once again, to the profoundly vital discussions the TEDxSantaBarbara team hosts, initiates and propagates with unparalleled integrity and consistency."
Dr. Harry Grammer, Making Waves speaker
"Really nicely done to be using your platform to spotlight something like this. Very proud of you guys."
Evan Asher, TEDxSantaBarbara performer
“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your Conversations. Each of these presentations helps to make connections across disciplines, as a result, we’re all inspired to learn more.”
Dr. Yonette Thomas, Making Waves speaker
“This series has been terrific! I have caught a few of them and the conversations have been insightful. Keep up the great work.”
Julie Sorenson, Attendee
“Thanks so much for hosting such an important presentation by Dr. Wizdom Powell.”
Cheri C. Wilson, Education and Training Manager, Johns Hopkins Medicine
This program is one of the best I have ever seen in my life. This was amazing and there are not enough words to say Thank You and your Team."
Attendee, BJ King

This year, as we continue producing a series of weekly virtual talks, we focus on ideas that are influencing us, locally and globally. These short conversations are not news-focused. Instead, we are highlighting discussions of hope and optimism while showcasing actionable solutions.

The topics we explore are focused on the Pandemic, Sustainability and Social Justice. We look at them individually and, at times, see how one has influenced the other. We look through various lenses and hear from different voices as we explore these inquiries. One of our guests introduced us to the word Syndemics, which is the collision of different epidemics. This syndemic and the chaos, complexity, and intricate complications it has brought to all of our lives is what Making Waves is all about. All while finding the silver thread of hope from our guests.

We navigate through opinions to help us all understand these challenging times by focusing on positive disruption. We’ve heard that normal will never be normal again. This year we’re Making Waves.

We want to thank the Community Environmental Council and the UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science & Management for their help in curating our Sustainability track.

Making Waves is Hosted by TEDxSantaBarbara's Executive Producer Mark Sylvester and Produced by Tracy Wyle


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