Tony Hunter – Reimagining the Global Food System: Feeding 10 Billion in 2050

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register for this conversationOct 18, 2023 04:00 PM in Pacific Time

Reimagining the Global Food System: Feeding 10 Billion in 2050

Tony Hunter will engage in a conversation about reimagining the global food system. He will challenge conventional methods and explore innovative approaches to sustainably and equitably feed a growing global population.

Hunter will emphasize the need for a shift in perspective, advocating for a transition from distributing food outputs to distributing the means of food production. He will envision a future where developing food systems embrace efficient and sustainable practices, leveraging emerging food technologies.

Hunter will highlight the potential consequences of a globalized food supply system, like the Ukraine crisis, highlighting the urgency to reimagine the global food system. He will discuss how new technologies can revolutionize food production, reduce reliance on long-distance shipping, and mitigate environmental impacts.

Throughout the conversation, Hunter will underscore the critical role of technology as an enabler of change. He will reference initiatives such as Pivot Bio's soil microbiome product, showcasing how innovative solutions can promote sustainability and equitable access to food.

Tony Hunter

Food Futurist

Tony Hunter is a Global Food Futurist Speaker and foresight strategy consultant specializing in the Future of Food. With 32+ years of experience in Food and Innovation, Tony empowers Boards and C-Suite Executives to confidently lead their Food, Beverage, and Ag companies into the Future. He provides Global Speaking services, Strategic foresight advice, and Innovation Strategies. Tony's expertise includes understanding new and emerging food technologies and their impact on businesses. He develops Foresight Strategies and manages innovation projects, providing real-life solutions to technological change. 

He is an Advisory Board Member at Grainstone, a startup developing alternative proteins. Tony specializes in Innovation Strategies, New Product Development and Innovation, and NPD Project Management. Tony has achieved remarkable milestones as General Manager and Technical Manager in the food industry. He is passionate about helping businesses navigate the evolving Food industry.

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