Dominique Shelton Leipzig

In the Age of AI, Trust is Key: Practicing Responsible Data Stewardship

Conversation Date: May 15, 2024 04:00 PM in Pacific Time
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AI governance should not be as complicated as it’s perceived to be. Humans control AI, not the other way around. By following the frameworks outlined in global legislation, we can take advantage of the opportunities while minimizing the risks.

Dominique Shelton Leipzig

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Partner at Mayer Brown

Dominique Shelton Leipzig leads Mayer Brown's Global Data Innovation team. She has trained 50,000+ professionals in AI, privacy, and cyber. She uses legal trends to forecast digital risks. Trust is her fourth book. She founded the Digital Trust Summit. Named a Modern Governance leader and an LA Times “Legal Visionary,” she has won 25 awards. A board member of the AI Governance Center and the IAPP, she is certified in privacy and governance. She co-founded NxtWork, which is dedicated to diverse leadership.

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