Brian Reisinger

Disappearing Farms, Disappearing Food: How to Save America’s Food Supply

Conversation Date: Aug 21, 2024 04:00 PM in Pacific Time
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Over four decades ago, America made an unconscious choice: We let our technological innovation leave many of our family farms behind. Today the disappearance of the American farmer endangers our food supply, but there’s a better way. In this TEDx Salon Conversation, we delve into the urgent narrative of America's agricultural evolution, confronting the critical challenges that threaten the backbone of our nation's food supply. Through a blend of personal anecdotes and expert insights, this discussion will explore the intricate dance between tradition and innovation in farming, the silent crisis of disappearing family farms, and the visionary solutions required to safeguard our agricultural future. Join us as we navigate the complexities of sustaining rural communities, revitalizing the farming industry, and ensuring food security for future generations in a conversation that promises to redefine our relationship with the land and our food.

Brian Reisinger

Rural Author & Columnist

Brian Reisinger grew up on a family farm and lives to tell the hidden stories of rural America—and how they affect the rest of the country. Reisinger has been published in USA Today, Newsweek, Yahoo News, and more. His first book, Land Rich, Cash Poor reveals the untold history of the disappearing American farmer. He lives with his wife in Moraga, Calif., and helps lead Midwestern-based Platform Communications, splitting time between California and his family’s farm in Wisconsin.

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