Stacy Pulice – Harvesting Wisdom: Nurturing Growth in Classrooms and Life

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Harvesting Wisdom: Nurturing Growth in Classrooms and Life

Stacy's journey to regenerative education as the foundation of a thriving planet began in a psychology graduate program. Her inquiry into the "colonization" of children through standardized education triggered a study contrasting students from a holistic middle school with public school students, unearthing four key pillars for impactful learning: Care, Connection, Community, and Choice.

Further research illuminated that teachers crave these four elements to feel appreciated and valued and foster connections within their school community. Through this, she discerned that schools are human ecosystems, and their dynamics are strongly influenced by the pedagogical approach implemented, leading to either blossoming or depletion of vital creative inspiration.

Healing from a personal near-death experience on her family's avocado ranch later guided her to reflect on how our internal and external healing complements one another, opening the door to regenerative agriculture. Astonishingly, this practice reflected her 4 C's principle, with the land flourishing on care, community, connection, and the choice of optimal conditions for health.

To summarize, each classroom, akin to our planet, is a potentially vibrant ecosystem, and the humans within it long for positive cycles of regeneration. This generative process fosters a more enriched education and more self-motivated students and teachers. It ultimately contributes to a healthier, thriving earth by engaging in holistic co-cycles of existence with all living things.

Stacy Pulice


Stacy Pulice is a regenerative farmer, environmental activist, author, and speaker with 30+ years of experience in psychology, education, and agriculture. Her journey began studying children's "colonization" through institutionalized education, leading to identifying four key elements for impactful learning: Care, Connection, Community, and Choice. Following a near-death experience, Stacy deepened her understanding of regenerative agriculture on her avocado ranch. Her work, rooted in Taoism and embracing authenticity, vulnerability, and imperfection, views schools and land as ecosystems needing positive regeneration for better education and a healthier planet.

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