Jill Greenbaum: Drawing the Future: Visual Storytelling for End-of-Life Choices

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Drawing the Future: Visual Storytelling for End-of-Life Choices

Dr. Jill Greenbaum delves into the often-overlooked realm of end-of-life planning and care in this thought-provoking conversation. Through her unique visual storytelling approach and compassionate guidance, Dr. Greenbaum invites individuals to engage in deep conversations about their hopes, fears, and wishes surrounding their own mortality. Discover the transformative power of these discussions as they enable individuals to navigate the unspoken territory of end-of-life choices, fostering understanding, acceptance, and open communication with loved ones. She unveils the importance of embracing these conversations and empowering ourselves and others in preparing for the inevitable.

Jill Greenbaum


Dr. Jill Greenbaum is an educator, advocate, & catalyst for personal transformation. With a special education and administration background, she ran rape crisis programs before founding her instructional design, speaking, & coaching firm. Integrating diverse methodologies, she creates client experiences in corporate, government, nonprofit, & educational settings. Driven by deep listening & understanding of individual needs, she facilitates transformative processes through visualization.

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