Rich Jacques – Finding Your Voice: Exploring the Creative Process

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Finding Your Voice: Exploring the Creative Process

The idea that we can be creative has always fascinated Rich.  What exactly is it, and where does it come from?  Can we get “better” at it?

It seems the way is to let go of our thinking mind…of all our assumptions about ourselves and life, and relax into a flow state.  Effortlessly allowing creativity to come through us.  The more we can trust and relax, the more pure the expression.

When listening to someone's voice, and Rich thinks we’re all aware of this at some level, we hear if there is tension or not.  When there is strain or effort, there is a feeling that it’s false.  After producing singers for so many years, Rich has developed a keen awareness of when someone is trying to sing or relax into an honest expression of themselves.  A lot of times, it’s hard to duplicate.  This is why he always saves the rough vocal.  When someone sings it for the first time, enthusiasm comes through before we have time to think. That feels authentic.

Rich Jacques

Producer, Songwriter, Artist

Rich Jacques Is a Grammy-winning Producer, songwriter, and artist based in Santa Barbara, California. For the last 20 years, Rich has consistently demonstrated his diverse aptitude as a musician, songwriter, producer, and solo artist. One of his strengths is diversity.  He enjoys working with artists in many different formats and genres. 

The drive for Rich is finding authenticity.  Getting to the core of what makes each artist unique. His songs have been heard in commercials such as Honda and XBOX, TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Nashville, and the feature films The Breakup and H is for happiness. As a music producer/songwriter Rich won a Grammy for his collaboration with Lisa Loeb on her Album ‘Feel What U feel.’

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