Joshua Page – College Is Not The Only Option

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College Is Not The Only Option. Making The Trades Cool Again.

Growing up, Joshua knew he was not going to college; his mom did not have the money, and he was not a good student. He’d heard about a school where you only had to go two weeks out of the month, and the other two weeks were in a trade. He believes getting into a trade saved his life; it gave him purpose and a sense of pride that he could do anything if he set his mind to it. We need kids to know that college is not the only option, that the trades need them!

Joshua Page


Joshua Page is a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur. A Master Electrician and owner of three Electrical Companies. He has been speaking on getting kids involved with the trades for over five years now. During the electrical code updates, he noticed that the attendants were getting older and older, and not many young out-of-high school kids were getting into the trade.

Joshua does a lot of speaking at career days for High Schools and telling his story to inspire those kids to get involved and realizes that he is missing his mark. So, he wrote a Children’s Book that will be released later this year geared for fourth-sixth grade and planting the seed in a younger mind. The trades are excellent and all the neat things that tradespeople get to do every day.

As a 2002 Tech School graduate, he lost his mother to cancer at thirteen, was suspended every year in high school, ran away twice, and maintained a high C & D average. Joshua was never destined for college, but the trades saved his life.

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