Dr. Valerio De Angelis – How batteries are changing our electricity infrastructure

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How batteries are changing our electricity infrastructure.

Renewables are changing how we make electricity. Electric cars are changing how we move. Batteries invented to power small devices are enabling these changes. We will explore how batteries, electric vehicles, and the electric grid are connected and how they will evolve in the decades to come.

Dr. Valerio De Angelis

Valerio works on energy storage systems at Sandia National Labs, and he maintains batteryarchive.org, the first public repository of battery data. Before joining Sandia, he was the Executive Director of the City University of NY Energy Institute, where he co-founded Urban Electric Power, a battery manufacturing company. In 1999, Valerio started Mindflash, one of the first cloud-based e-learning platforms that, in 2000, served half of the students at UCSB and grew to 2M users. Valerio holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from UCSB and loves to run, swim, play tennis, and build e-bikes.

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