Dr. Ashley Lauren Joseph – Unstoppable: Social Change & Collegiate Leadership

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Unstoppable: Social Change & Collegiate Leadership

Dr. Joseph is passionate about building leaders and helping them develop frameworks that will carry them into their careers. With her focus on understanding the evolving role of women in leadership, she’ll discuss what is critical for us to understand about the challenges facing young career professionals.

Ashley Lauren Joseph


Dr. Ashley Lauren Joseph serves as the Director of Women’s Leadership and Community Engagement at Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, leading the department with over ten years of experience in student affairs, leadership engagement, and theory-based research. She is known in the field for her structure-based leadership framework models for student leadership development and performance, specifically with Student Government teams and service learning. In addition, Dr. Joseph is passionate about civic engagement and community dialogue, a crucial piece of her work at the Mount as the facilitator of MSMUVotes, a democratic engagement initiative. In addition to her work at Mount St. Mary’s, Ashley is also an Adjunct Faculty member at the University of La Verne, teaching Law, Policy, and Restorative Justice in addition to Black Experience.

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