Stacey McKinnon – The Societal Duty of Businesses. Happiness, meaning, and fulfillment for your people.

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The Societal Duty of Businesses: Happiness, meaning, and fulfillment for your people

Businesses are often founded to make a difference in a particular industry. However, owners do not always consider the impact they will make in the lives of the people working for them.

Business owners and leaders often struggle to focus on their people—especially when clients are calling, and the needs of the business feel urgent. The trickle-down effect eventually results in unhappy people at work, lack of meaning or purpose, and feeling unfulfilled when they return home or enter society every day. But what if we could change this result? What if businesses believed that it is their societal duty to help people be happier? Can you imagine the trickle-down effect then? Less depression, kinder people, better marriages . . . the list goes on. In this discussion, we will talk about how business owners and leaders can positively impact their people, including the importance of a culture of trust, motivating career paths, and valuing life balance.

Stacey McKinnon

COO, Morton Capital

Stacey McKinnon, CFP®, is the Chief Operating Officer and a wealth advisor at Morton Capital, an RIA with over $2B in AUM and more than 50 employees.

She is passionate about creating environments where employees and clients can thrive and has dedicated her professional career to spreading the message of positive leadership inside Morton Capital and throughout the financial services industry. Being from Lake Tahoe, a small town in Northern California, she takes this same passion into her personal life, intending to create an environment where her family can thrive. She enjoys paddle boarding, skiing, hikes with her pup and husband, and most other outdoor activities. The “pursuit of being better” is her mantra and is the underlying theme of her papers, podcasts, and public speaking engagements.

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