Julian Reeve – Taking Control: The Great Career Migration

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Taking Control: The Great Career Migration

Covid-19 disrupted the global labor market in unfathomable ways. Millions lost jobs or were furloughed, and those fortunate enough to stay in employment faced the daunting task of adapting to life working from home. The short-term consequences of this demanding experience are well documented, but the longer-term effects are only just becoming clear.

As the economy recovers, workers are taking stock. First, 1 in 4 employees are reportedly seeking new work opportunities: newly found job flexibility afforded by the pandemic is fast becoming the main driver for many to declare they’d rather quit than be forced back to the office. Second, those who lost their jobs are re-training in more resilient industries to be better placed when the next downturn strikes. Finally, more than half of potential job-hoppers are thought to have used the downtime during Covid-19 to level up their training and skillsets in preparation for future employment negotiations.

Career migration is coming, but just how prepared are we? Is there enough strategy to these transitions, or are we driven by heightened emotions and circumstances created by the pandemic? Have we done the work required to ensure that the employment we seek has longevity as it stays true to our passion, authenticity, and purpose? 

In this talk, Julian Reeve explores the importance of self-awareness in our quest for fulfilling career transition and how giving ourselves permission to let silence speak is key to realizing our true career potential.

Julian Reeve

Julian Reeve is a Success Strategist to high achievers striving for Perfect Equilibrium™ and greater life fulfillment. Best known for his critically acclaimed work on the Broadway musical Hamilton, his diverse career has seen him perform to millions worldwide as a musician, coach thousands across the United States, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, and Japan, and found three successful businesses in the creative sector.

He is a TEDx Speaker, author, and opinion contributor to The Hill, CEO World, and Fast Company Magazine. He also enjoys regular appearances on leading podcasts and other media outlets, including ABC, CBS, and NBC.

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