Duey Freeman – COVID, Family, and Development: The Next Three Generations

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COVID, Family, and Development: The Next Three Generations

Covid has infected every cell of our families, communities, and society just as it infects our bodies, taking our life’s breath, affecting every person on a cellular and systemic level. We will explore how we have been affected and how we recover from the loss and trauma of feeling unsafe in our world.

Duey Freeman


Duey is a sought-after teacher, trainer, licensed psychotherapist, university professor, and equine professional worldwide. He has traveled to teach professionally in over eight countries, has developed a practical attachment theory and human development model taught to thousands of university students and clients, has over 70,000 direct client hours, and co-founded the Gestalt Equine Institute and the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies. In addition, he provides supervision to therapists and graduate students, does business and land consultations for new equine therapy sites, and models being a life-long student to your passions. 

Gestalt and Relational Horsemanship are not just approaches to Duey; they are how he walks through the world. He embodies both tenderness and strength in all his relations and work. His quality of contact and relationship with others is authentic and unique. He has many people from around the country and world to study with him. He has worked incredibly hard to master his arts and finds great joy in teaching ‘honest students.’ Duey is a true elder and mentor and is exploring new horizons in facilitating men’s growth work through retreats and psycho-education groups.

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