Lisa Biggs – Empowerment through Education

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Empowerment through Education. Connecting children across the globe through stories.

Lisa Biggs’ day job has her helping educators around the globe understand how maps tell stories about culture, history, and current events. Her passion project is taking storytelling skills and using them to help children.

Lisa Biggs

Educationalist. Humanist. Philanthropist. Linguist.

Lisa believes when humans connect by sharing stories and experiences, we can achieve and overcome anything. Her work as a teacher and educational program designer and her experiences living in seven countries inspired her to found a non-profit that publishes children's' stories of triumph over adversity. Her organization worked with a group of children challenged by the trauma they endured in the Thomas Fire. Together they learned from experts in mental health, emotional intelligence, and wellbeing, ultimately creating a storybook to share their lessons. The result was a story of how we can all turn our hardships and traumas into a source of strength and resilience.