Sandra Kwak – Climate Justice through renewable energy access

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Climate Justice through renewable energy access.

Sandra Kwak, the CEO of 10Power, will explain their work with local partners to develop and finance commercial-scale solar projects in Haiti, making renewable energy affordable and accessible for tangible improvements in livelihood and prosperity. She views renewable energy as the key to providing access to clean water, gender empowerment, livelihood improvement, education, and technology. 10Power is a social impact enterprise that reinvests revenue to grow positive impact in the communities they serve.

Sandra Kwak

10Power Founder, and CEO

Sandra Kwak is CEO and Founder of social enterprise 10Power, providing renewable energy internationally in communities that lack access to electricity with a gender empowerment lens. She sees renewable energy as the key to providing clean water, creating livelihood improvements and forging a path for regenerative development – a concept explored in her TEDx talk “Fourth World Nation Building” (watch: She is an advisor at Indigenized Energy Initiative and also a Board member at the Foundation for Climate Restoration and a partner at ResilientMarkets, applying regenerative design principles to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Prior, she worked with AutoGrid deploying big data for the smart grid to create Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). Sandra has a Sustainable MBA from Presidio Graduate School and BA from Emory University. She taught Race, Activism, and Climate Justice at San Francisco State University and has guest lectured at California College of the Arts and Stanford University. She loves creating harmonies for a future that is possible with The Sea Stars.

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