Who’s Watching Us? Michael Mongold, Director of Information Security at Deckers Brands

In Behind the Scenes by Christopher Foley


This year TEDxSantaBarbara will produce its first series of Salons. TEDx Salons are different than our main event in the Fall and is designed to focus on a single topic by watching a series of curated TED Talks.

In this podcast, TEDxSantaBarbara Executive Producer Mark Sylvester is talking with Michael Mongold, the Director of Information Security at Santa Barbara-based Deckers Brands about Privacy in a Salon we're calling. "Who's Watching Us?"

This conversation with Michael is a sneak peek into the upcoming Salon. He's co-curated a list of Talks that we'll watch, and then he'll lead us in conversations, helping us understand the nuances of privacy.

Join us for this special evening, May 28th, starting at 6:30. The event will be at the Impact Hub's Chapala Center at 1221 Chapala in Downtown Santa Barbara.