Tyson McDowell | Preserving humanity as AI takes us over

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Preserving humanity as AI takes us over

Rapidly advancing AI technology is driving us to be less and less human every day. It’s time to discuss the fundamental cause and get going on a fundamental fix. Hint: You are the key.

Tyson McDowell is a serial tech entrepreneur focused on positively merging humans with AI-driven technologies.

His first success was a software business he co-founded at 19 and exited in 2016, now called Avadyne Health. There he held the positions of CTO, CEO and President.

He currently operates Lead Wingman, a venture studio incubating early stage tech companies that leverage AI-driven information streams to improve the human condition. Focus areas include health cost containment, sustainable nutrition, and future of work.

Tyson is a certified fixed wing, helicopter and military jet pilot, and built the plane he commutes with. He is Vice Chair of the San Diego Air and Space Museum, and member of Young President’s Organization (YPO).

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November 16, 2019

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