Tim Bauer

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Becoming Failworthy

The world is starting to warm up to failure as a teacher (but still only the kind of teachers we are ashamed of). What would happen if we let failure out of the classroom and invited it into the board room and the bedroom? “Tinier Tim” Bauer shares how learning to live worthy of failure helped him transform his life.

“Tinier Tim” Bauer is less than half the man he used to be. After spending 31 years struggling with morbid obesity, he transformed his life, losing more than 225 pounds in just over 1 year through diet and exercise and now helps other obese individuals do the same. Tim’s approach to overcoming obesity is to focus on one step at a time, reminding his clients that he didn’t lose 225 pounds, he lost one pound 225 times.

His greatest accomplishment is that his daughters are now able to sit in his lap without his belly getting in the way and wrap their arms completely around him.

Tim’s blog, TinierTim.com, his personal weight loss story, and his approach to fitness and life have appeared in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal, and on the inaugural episode of TLC’s hit series Skin Tight.