Thanks to our 2018 Partners

Presenting Partner

Community Partner


Supporting Partners

Thanks to for creating all of our signs since our first TEDx in 2010

Thanks to the City of Santa Barbara and the County Office of Arts and Culture for their support

Thanks to the Impact Hub for providing our meeting place and cool venues for our events during the year.

Friends of TEDx

We appreciate this third year of support from Fielding and the alignment of missions. Fielding is also the Exclusive Sponsor of the 2019 TEDxSantaBarbaraSalon series.

Thanks to Bourke Wealth Management for supporting us three years in a row, we appreciate your enthusiasm.

Thanks Tolman and Wiker for helping us with our risk management and protecting us and our volunteers while we’re hard at work.

Thanks to these individuals for helping us with personal contributions:

Anne Towbes
John Davies
John Glanville

This is the first year that Pacifica is a partner. Welcome.

This is the first year that Pacifica is a partner. Welcome.


We appreciate DAVIES Public Relations long time association with TEDxSantaBarbara.


Production Partners

805Connect is the community covering the Tri County area to bring focus to regional ideas.

Kymberlee Weil, aka, Strategic Samurai provides world-class coaching to all of our speakers.

introNetworks is the original producer of TEDx here in Santa Barbara. Founded by Mark and Kymberlee.

Thanks to Dave and his crew, who’ve been producing our show since 2010. Best crew ever. 12.6M views of our TEDxSantaBarbara Talks on YouTube.

Christopher from PXLpod, has built our websites and overseen our complete technology needs, since we started in 2010. Thanks.

Vanessa, our Event Coordinator, runs events around the country, including ours since 2016. Thanks.

Britt has been bringing our TEDx themes to life since 2010. He visualizes of our abstract ideas into amazing on stage set pieces.

In David’s 3rd year with us, he is the staff photographer for all of our projects, including the Samurai Seven speaker training videos.

Hacking the Red Circle is produced weekly by TEDxSantaBarbara organizer Mark Sylvester and distributed on iTunes globally. He produces the Behind the Scenes podcast exclusively for the local Santa Barbara audience.

Thanks to Marshall for being such a wonderful collaborator. In conjunction with Lilian Pham, they created an amazing rendition of Yes, and… for this years’ graphic needs.

There’s a lot to keep track of and Blue Isle’s Brianna does an amazing job for us. Thank you.

Jorge from Bailon stepped up to add the perfect soundtrack to our 3D animation. Thanks so much.

In-Kind Partners

Thanks to the Independent for being a great media partner for us this year. We appreciate all the exposure.

Each year we put up a wall with our partners and logo on it so participants can take pictures and share. Thanks SBIFF for loaning us yours.

Thanks to the Santa Barbara Inn for providing our out of town guests a lovely spot right on the beach. They loved it.

Thanks to Santa Barbara Magazine for the free copy for all of our guests, especially those from out of town.

Any idea how many linens you need for TEDx? A lot. Thanks to our friends at Mission Linen for the tablecloths.

Our new favorite tote bags are the ones donated by Earthpack. They were exactly what we were looking for. Thanks.

Did you notice the fantastic flowers around the event? These arrangements were lovingly created just for us.

What do you do with all the food you can’t serve? You donate to your food friends at the SB Rescue Mission.

Thanks Seana for donating some of your amazing candles to our speakers. They’re fantastic.

Thanks to Norm and the staff at the Karpeles Museum for providing us with rehearsal space for our 2018 speakers.

Thanks for the donation of post-show cryo therapy for our speakers. First time for all of them too.

We love what Caleigh is doing with this brand, and thank her for the gifts for our speakers. Click to hear her story.

Thanks Amanda and Andrea for lending your voices and your crew to add musical treats to our afterparty.

We’re welcoming Katrina to the backstage crew for her first year. Thanks for helping us get everyone camera ready.

Thanks Monica for helping our speakers look their best. Welcome to the crew.

Thanks for showing up at the last minute to help our speakers look the very best for their Talk. We appreciate it.

Tastes of TEDx

For the 4th show in a row we’ve counted on the delicious coffee donated by our friends at Bona Fide. Thanks.

Thanks to John and Tri County for again donating healthy snacks and fresh fruit for our speakers and participants. Yum.

For the past two years, Alem has been at all of our events serving his water with his great smile. Thanks.

Best pickles ever. Thanks for adding tasty treats to our various meals throughout the show. Delicious.

Our speakers appreciated our Sunday Brunch in the back patio. After working for several months, getting a chance to relax and eat great food was just what they needed.

We were introduced to these chips from SLO and fell in love. Thanks for your support this second year.

We’d never tried authentic Argentinian empanadas. Guests remarked that they were just like Mom made. Thank you.

Thanks to Mark and Rincon Brewery for pouring his craft beers at our afterparty at Impact Hub. 

Second year we’ve hosted the fine products as gifts for our speakers from il fustino.

Clark lit up our Speaker dinner with wonderful stories about the food he served. He also brought his talents to our VIP mixer. Thanks!

For our speakers, who work so hard getting ready, we give them a few treats from this new partner.

A SBHS student started this cookie company. She and her mom passed out the treats and talked with our guests.

Thanks to our friends at Bulletproof for supplying our speakers with high octane fuel, and the treats for the gift bags.

Kimberly juiced several batches of amazing combinations to delight our participants during the morning.

Thanks to the crew at Corazon for stepping in at the last minute to help! You can see them at the SB Public Market.

We keep inviting Mesa Salsa back because it’s just so tasty. You must try it at the afterparty.

We love to thank our Volunteers, which is all of us by having a Thank You party at Patxi’s. We first tasted their pizza at our 2016 event.

Christopher makes small batches of popcorn and has been donating to us for four show now. Thank you so much.

Ok, maybe the best truffles ever. Thank you for serving these up at our Speaker Mixer on Friday night.

Our morning guests appreciated the tasty treats from the bakery that also makes amazing GF Breads.

New this year, we welcome Broken Clock Vinegar Works to the family. They complimented our tasting table at the after party.

If you are interested in joining TEDxSantaBarbara as a partner, we'd love to have a conversation. Click here for more information about our packages.