TEDxSantaBarbara Salons create an intimate audience for an evening of highly-curated TED Talks revolving around locally relevant themes. Salons are distinct in their brevity, opportunities for conversation, and heightened interaction between the moderators and audience. Join Mark Sylvester and a guest moderator at one of these opportunities to meet other TEDx’rs and engage in the conversation.

Salon postponed due to Coronavirus.

Sea Level Rising - The Local Socio-Economic Impacts 

CO-HOSTED by Dr. Charles Lester, UC Santa Barbara, Researcher, Marine Science Institute

We will reschedule this Salon as the CDC issues guidance that it’s safe to gather in groups again.

Dr. Charles Lester, UC Santa Barbara, Researcher, Marine Science Institute. Past Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission will be leading our discussion of the local socio-economic impacts of sea level rising and other issues related to Climate Change. This Salon is brought to TEDxSantaBarbara through a relationship with the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UCSB.

Coal Oil Point Reserve Nature Center ($20)

Address: Slough Rd Building 7060, Goleta
Registration: 6:30 Salon begins at 7:00


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