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Fashion on purpose: Conscious consumerism is to look beyond the product and into the faces behind it.

We need to be a global community that fights for the value of those most vulnerable, and we need to be conscious consumers without compromising on the quality and style that we love. Both can exist together.

Ian Bentley is the co-founder and CEO of Parker Clay, a luxury leather company making products in Ethiopia.  Ian and his family moved to Ethiopia in 2012 to help support vulnerable women and children and it was there they founded Parker Clay as a way to further transform the community through trade.

Parker Clay is deeply committed to producing every product ethically and sustainably without compromising on quality, while focused on creating job opportunities that empower vulnerable women to not just survive but thrive.  A native of the Santa Barbara area, Ian and his wife Brittany along with their 5 children now live back in Santa Barbara after recently living in Ethiopia for 3 years.

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