Chloe Howard

In TEDxTalks by Mark Sylvester

Stand Beautiful

Bullying is an epidemic. Chloe asks the question, “Can someone truly accept the differences in another, without first accepting the differences in themselves?” When we love and accept ourselves, we are less likely to bully others. What would this mean for the bullied, the bullies, and our world?

Chloe Howard is on a mission to empower people of all ages to embrace their uniqueness and boldly face their beautiful selves.  Born with a foot deformity, Chloe had five major operations by the time she was 14.  She endured casting, braces, orthotics and years of physical therapy so she could participate like a typical child. She struggled with depression and shame and spent months questioning her self worth. Out of that pain, Chloe finally realized her worth comes from within.

Today, Chloe is the voice of, an anti-bullying movement promoting the acceptance of self and others.  Chloe believes that when we love and accept ourselves we are less likely to inflict pain and shame on others.

When she is not busy advocating for tolerance and self-love, Chloe is happy being 16.  She enjoys school, hanging out with friends, playing board games with her family, and is learning how to drive.