Gordon Ching

Design at the Decision-Making Table

Conversation Date: July 3, 2024 - 4pm Pacific
register for this conversationJuly 3, 2024 - 4pm Pacific

In this thought-provoking TEDx talk, Gordon Ching, Founder of the Design Executive Council, takes us on a captivating journey into design and its transformative power in the corporate world. Through compelling stories and real-world examples, Ching illustrates how integrating design principles at the highest levels of decision-making can revolutionize businesses, drive innovation, and lead to holistic, sustainable outcomes.

Gordon Ching

Founder, CEO, Design Executive Council

Ching argues that design is not merely an aesthetic consideration but a strategic tool that should be embraced by every function within an organization, especially in large corporations. He demonstrates how strategic design leadership can be applied to risk management, sales performance, governance, user experience, and brand perception, ultimately driving significant change and delivering tangible results.

By showcasing the versatility and value of design as a catalyst for achieving strategic objectives, Ching challenges traditional notions of corporate decision-making and presents a compelling case for why design deserves a seat in the C-suite. 

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