Freddie Ravel

Life in Tune: Harmonizing Personal and Professional Growth Through Music

Conversation Date: June 12, 2024 12PM Pacific
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Discover how the Life in Tune system, pioneered by Freddie Ravel, uses the fundamental elements of music—Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm—to revolutionize personal and professional growth. By viewing life through these musical concepts, individuals and organizations can uncover their unique message, collaborate effectively, maintain consistent progress, and transform challenges into opportunities for growth. This innovative framework encourages active listening, effective communication, and harmonious teamwork, offering a powerful new approach to navigating life's complexities and achieving fulfillment. Don't miss this TEDx Salon conversation to learn how this transformative idea can change everything by harmonizing our lives and work with the natural rhythms and melodies around us.

Freddie Ravel

Keynote Speaker, Grammy-nominated artist, and Founder of Life in Tune

With an unparalleled career transcending music, culture, and thought leadership, Freddie Ravel toured with Sergio Mendes, directed Earth, Wind & Fire, performed with Madonna and Prince, rocked with Carlos Santana, cut tracks with Kanye, and led teams behind J. Lo, Jimmy Kimmel, and Lady GaGa. As an author, his work with Deepak Chopra on the essential "pause between the notes" led to an invitation to be a featured author alongside Maya Angelou and Stevie Wonder. Dubbed the “Keynote Maestro” for his Life In Tune™ system, Freddie has transformed businesses like IBM, Toyota, NASA, Apple, Google, and Prudential, emphasizing the power of harmony and effective communication. His clients call his balance of entertainment and content essential for moving from dissonance to harmony. Freddie’s influence in music and communication continues to inspire globally, blending artistry with practical wisdom.

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