Ekta Vyas

Reciprocate to Transform: The Power of Collective Organizational Consciousness

Conversation Date: Apr 17, 2024 4:00 PM Pacific
register for this conversationApr 17, 2024 4:00 PM Pacific

Join us at our next TEDx Santa Barbara Salon, Making Waves: Conversations with Influencers and Disruptors,  as we welcome Ekta Vyas, Ph.D., an esteemed expert in transformational leadership, for an insightful talk on the urgent need for transformation in human relationships. In the wake of the pandemic, social justice movements, and the turmoil our world has faced in recent years, Dr. Vyas will explore the reactive nature of most business transformations and advocate for a proactive approach. She emphasizes the importance of shifting our focus with intention, underlining the critical role of Reciprocation in redefining transformational leadership.

Dr. Vyas will delve into awakening the collective organizational consciousness, aiming to reshape workplace relationships and forge synergies for extraordinary business outcomes. She posits that trust and harmony in business relationships can be restored by focusing on collective emotional intelligence. According to Dr. Vyas, the path to business transformation begins with transforming the human experience. Her upcoming talk promises to be a powerful call to action for leaders and organizations ready to embrace change and lead with purpose.

Ekta Vyas


Ekta Vyas, Ph.D., has led transformations at different organizational levels for over two decades. Her latest book, "Mission Matters," delves into becoming an Effective Transformational Leader by leveraging the interconnectedness of organizational and people variables for a better future. Beyond writing and speaking about transformations, she actively drives change. Her doctoral research highlighted the significance of emotional intelligence for leaders' success in driving workforce engagement during change. As a systems thinker and eco-system awareness proponent, Dr. Vyas has been a Forbes influencer since 2017, focusing on leadership, culture, strategy, transformational change, and emotional intelligence. She is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Keck Medicine of USC and an Adjunct Professor at USC Marshall School of Business, embodying her transformational leadership brand, "Bringing Light." Her leadership manifesto is: Reciprocate.

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