Who’s Watching Us? Michael Mongold, Director of Information Security at Deckers Brands

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This year TEDxSantaBarbara will produce its first series of Salons. TEDx Salons are different than our main event in the Fall and is designed to focus on a single topic by watching a series of curated TED Talks.

In this podcast, TEDxSantaBarbara Executive Producer Mark Sylvester is talking with Michael Mongold, the Director of Information Security at Santa Barbara-based Deckers Brands about Privacy in a Salon we're calling. "Who's Watching Us?"

This conversation with Michael is a sneak peek into the upcoming Salon. He's co-curated a list of Talks that we'll watch, and then he'll lead us in conversations, helping us understand the nuances of privacy.

Join us for this special evening, May 28th, starting at 6:30. The event will be at the Impact Hub's Chapala Center at 1221 Chapala in Downtown Santa Barbara.


May 28th
Registration 6:45
Salon begins at 7:30
Cost: $20

May 28, 2019
TEDxSantaBarbaraSalon: Who's Watching Us?

In the age of smart tech, privacy is a definite concern. Here's the download on who has your information and what they're doing with it. Click Below to buy tickets.

28may6:45 am9:00 pmTEDxSantaBarbaraSalon: Who's Watching Us? May 28, 2019Guest Moderator: Michael Mongold. Director of Information Security at Deckers Brands

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