Friends of TEDxSantaBarbara 2017

Who are the Friends of TEDx?

The Friends of TEDx is a collaborative program for individuals, family foundations, and anonymous donors that participate in helping us fund our annual event. The Friends of TEDx believe in the mission of TEDx and want our community to benefit from the ideas presented on the Red Circle and to focus on ideas worth spreading. Through their generous contributions and goodwill, we can provide an event worthy of the Santa Barbara brand.

Details of the Friends of TEDx initiative

Contributions to the Friends of TEDx start at $2,500. In exchange, you’ll receive 2 VIP tickets to the event, including the After Party at the Impact HUB on State Street and two tickets to the VIP Speaker Party at the Santa Barbara Foundation House the night before our event, November 10th.

We also call on the Friends of TEDx for an introduction to potential speakers, invitations to special events during the year and to act as advocates of the organization.

All contributions are tax deductible. 100% of the funds contributed through the Santa Barbara Foundation are used exclusively for the production of the event.

Who runs TEDxSantaBarbara?

TEDxSantaBarbara is an independently organized group of engaged community leaders and volunteers from the area dedicated to promoting ideas worth spreading.

The organizer of the event is longtime TED veteran, Mark Sylvester who produced TEDxAmericanRiviera (2010-2012), TEDxSantaBarbaraLive (2014, 2015) and TEDxSantaBarbara in 2016. Mark also produces a TEDx podcast called, Hacking The Red Circle, where he talks about creating world-class events with organizers around the globe.

Please contact

Mark, at 805-895-3574 or by email to
or Bryan Kerner, Director of Development at 805-563-4723