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Whales Without Walls | Charles Vinick

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Whales should no longer have to perform for their supper and for our entertainment. Captive whales have raised millions of dollars for their owners and entertained millions of people – don’t we owe them something? It is time to retire these magnificent animals to natural seaside sanctuaries. A member of the Whale Sanctuary Project Board of Directors since mid-2016, Charles is no stranger to ambitious, visionary, ocean-related projects.

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Can One Straw Change The World? | Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

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Single-use plastics like cups, bags, bottles and straws contribute to the eight million tons of non-biodegradable plastic that we send to the ocean each year, where it works its way up the food chain and onto our plates. Recent studies have found microplastics in fish, sea salt, and drinking water, and some chemicals in these plastics have been linked to obesity, infertility and even cancer. Is better recycling or using compostable plastics the solution? Not exactly. Learn the simple steps you can take to break your single-use plastic habit and change the world. Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff is the Executive Director of 5 Gyres Institute, the ocean conservation non-profit that first discovered plastic microbeads in 2012 and campaigned for a successful federal ban in 2015.

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The Face of Human Trafficking | Megan Rheinschild

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Sex Trafficking of underage girls is happening right in our own backyards, small towns and big cities across America. These kids are our kids, profoundly vulnerable to the lure of traffickers because of childhood abuse and trauma. Ms. Rheinschild graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She received her degree in Sociology and Spanish from University of California of Santa Barbara.

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The World Needs a New Definition of Activism | Lea Ann Mallett

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Is our current idea of activism inspiring people to do nothing? Lea Ann Mallett’s trajectory as a lifelong activist, from direct action civil disobedience protestor to charity executive director, led her to wonder just that. Lea Ann shares her new definition of activism which will shift the way you see your world, and open your eyes to the power you have to change it. Lea Ann Mallett is a lifelong activist, writer, photographer and a passionate storyteller. The trajectory of Lea Ann’s story has arced through her work as a direct-action wilderness activist for almost two decades as a non-profit executive director. She has engaged media around the world, from the CBC to the BBC, on issues from ancient forest preservation to the protection of monarch butterflies.