Oz Rashid – The People Analytics Revolution is Coming – Are you Ready?

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The People Analytics Revolution is Coming – Are you Ready?

Companies have long been focused on traditional workforce performance metrics, including attrition, engagement, and tenure. Still, new methods of measuring human potential and productivity are revolutionizing how job candidates are identified, hired, and retained across industries.

Welcome to the People Analytics Revolution, where predictive analytics that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning play a significant role in deciding the fate of job candidates and employees. That being said, the nuance of applying these tools is still very much in the hands of human hiring managers.

Oz Rashid has devoted his career to understanding where the balance lies between data and human intuition and how heavily to weigh one variable versus the other when deciding someone’s fate in the job market. In this TEDx Salon interview, Oz takes us on a journey exploring the new metrics companies are utilizing to analyze candidates and employees, and how to decipher this brave new world of data.

From measuring productivity in work-from-home settings and hybrid models, to real-time mental health assessments, people analytics are changing how companies hire and manage their workforce. For example, analyzing the hiring experience of job candidates has profound implications for the health and well-being of organizations, not to mention the perception of a company among key stakeholders.

Hiring managers often focus on how an individual may contribute to an organization without having access to data that demonstrate the role a candidate may play from a sum-of-the-parts perspective.

Oz Rashid

CEO, and Founder

Oz Rashid is the chief executive officer and founder of MSH, a global talent solutions, technology consultancy, and SaaS provider empowering people and enterprises to thrive. He is manifesting a hiring revolution by combining leading-edge tech and data science to provide organizations with the high-quality, vetted candidates they need to succeed in 35+ markets across three continents. Oz held leadership positions throughout different industries, observing how hiring experience, a unified culture, and a customer-centric approach are critical to an organization’s success. As a minority business leader, Oz believes in disrupting the status quo to achieve excellence in identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent.

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