Nelly Ortiz – Hacking the Wealth Gap with Tech

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Hacking the Wealth Gap with Tech

In this conversation, we explore the intersection of technology and wealth creation with Nelly, a digital strategy expert with over 10 years of experience in the industry, from her experiences growing up in a developing country to her current role as the head of Digital Strategy at NTT Data Emea & Latam, she shares her insights on how technology can be leveraged to bridge the wealth gap. We’ll explore topics such as the impact of emerging technologies like the Metaverse, Blockchain, and AI on wealth creation, the role of startups in driving innovation, and how individuals from developing countries can creatively use technology to overcome financial barriers.

Nelly Ortiz

Head of Digital Strategy

Nelly Ortiz is a Digital Strategist, certified Design Thinking coach, and award-winning businesswoman in tech. With a background in consulting and leadership, her career expands over several industries, including financial services, retail, and real estate. She is passionate about helping her clients redefine their businesses through innovation at the intersection of Business, Technology, and Design. Her most recent leadership roles have been in technology companies like Globant, Mindtree, and IBM.

Growing up as a “Navy Brat”, Nelly has gone through 11 schools before college, making her adaptable and eager to learn from different cultures. She believes diversity is a great catalyst for innovation. As a Colombian, she communicates in both English and Spanish; as a true Latina, she’s loud and claims that dancing is the best sport.

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