Kurt Wenner – The Geometry of Creativity – Five Creative Principles

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The Geometry of Creativity - Five Creative Principles

Through a deep understanding of artists’ geometry, Kurt has discovered the Five Creative Principles that are fundamental to the existence of form. This insight reveals a new connection between math, art, and nature and how we can transform the world by aligning the ideal with the real. His groundbreaking approach gives us new tools to solve problems where other methods fail us.

Kurt Wenner

Master Artist

Kurt Wenner is a modern-day Renaissance man. His innovative art is a global sensation, seen in over 30 countries. He has received the Kennedy Center Medallion for his outstanding contribution to arts education.

Kurt grew up in Santa Barbara, seeking the connection between art and nature. While working at NASA, he honed his understanding of science and geometry. Then in Italy, he pursued the lost secrets of Renaissance masters. His experiences and research have led him to answer how art and nature are linked and to a profound understanding of how creativity works and why it is foundational.

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