Scott Ross – Metaverse: Heaven or Hell

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Metaverse: Heaven or Hell - The possibilities of what it might bring

There is all this hubbub about the coming “Metaverse”. Scott sees the Metaverse as a terribly disruptive and possibly dangerous platform. However, as corporations continue to be driven by profits, increasing stock prices, overestimating technology’s potential (VR/AR), and convincing investors that the Metaverse is the holy grail… we will see significant technical advances in CGI. Photorealistic Humans and AI-driven scenarios and characters will become run of the mill.

Scott Ross

Digital Maverick

As one of the digital media pioneers, Scott Ross’s career in entertainment and technology has spanned three decades. In the 1980’s he led George Lucas’ vast entertainment empire. Then, from 1993 until 2006, he was the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Digital Domain, Inc., one of the largest digital production studios in the motion picture and advertising industries. Since 2006, Mr. Ross has developed and produced films, TV, and location-based entertainment worldwide. 

An eight-time Academy Award nominee, Digital Domain received its first Oscar in 1997 for the groundbreaking visual effects in TITANIC.  A second Oscar followed that success in 1998 for WHAT DREAMS MAY COME.  Digital Domain received additional nominations for TRUE LIES, APOLLO 13, and I, ROBOT and has won four Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Awards for its proprietary software.

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