Penelope M. Meurer – Virtual “Super-collaborators” in a Post-Covid World

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Virtual "Super-collaborators" in a Post-Covid World

Having led and participated in numerous high-performing virtual teams dating before COVID-19, Penelope is well acquainted with the power and productivity that can arise from strong interpersonal bonds built within such teams. However, as the business world begins to emerge from the most challenging periods of the pandemic, the strength of the virtual team is frequently called into question. Some believe that the team building and camaraderie of in-person teams cannot be replicated. Penelope challenges this notion through insights based on long-term, real-world experience - from the valued connections she has built with colleagues solely within the virtual realm to comparison with various professional experiences in the in-office environment. It becomes apparent that a binary view of virtual vs. in-person settings limits the potential of human interaction. How we partner is continuously evolving, and Penelope's examination of differing perspectives on work forums provides an avenue to advancing recognition of the value of the virtual environment.

Penelope M. Meurer

Penelope Misquitta Meurer has been a part of the TED/TEDx community for over a decade and has held various different roles throughout her career in healthcare. She is a biostatistician by training, a self-identified multipotentialite and considers herself a global citizen, a role that in her opinion requires one to be connected to communities without borders which often equates to making and building virtual relationships that lead to many meaningful collaborations.

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