Majid Abai – Winning the Lottery – a metaphor for a life’s journey

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Winning the Lottery - a metaphor for a life's journey

Most of us have dreams of one day winning the lottery. We imagine how our lives would change if we won and the things we would do with that money. But have we considered other lotteries that we’ve already won or lost in life that have had a more profound impact on us? Majid Abai shares his personal journey from refugee to American entrepreneur and how chance plays an important role in one’s life, but first you have to buy that lottery ticket.

Majid Abai

Chief Sherpa at Concepts Rise

Majid Abai is a serial tech entrepreneur who focuses on revenue growth and customer success programs following more than three decades of experience implementing Operational Excellence, Customer Success, and Innovative Technologies to increase revenues and profits within organizations. As an immigrant who fled post-revolutionary Iran, Abai leverages his perseverance and enterprising thinking to advise some of the largest tech and financial services companies in the world.

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