Luke Young, Rory Hornby – Entering a New Age of Agriculture

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Entering a New Age of Agriculture - How Growing Rice in the Oceans will Change our Future

Agriculture suffers from sea-level rise, increased soil salinity, and unsustainable and environmentally damaging farming. With the next world crisis likely to be a battle over fresh water, a lot needs to change in how we grow our food. The co-founders of Alora will discuss how to develop truly sustainable farming systems to preserve our planet and protect our people. Using no freshwater, no chemical fertilizers, and less land, their team is set to build the future of agriculture. They are the Ocean Agriculture company.

Luke Young, Rory Hornby

 Co-Founders, Alora

Alora is a startup, ideated in the UK, created in San Francisco, and growing in Waterloo. Alora was built to solve world hunger and is evolving to create a sustainable future of food. They are the Ocean Agriculture company. They have developed a way to grow crops in high-salt conditions, such as salt soils in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, or on our floating platforms in ocean saltwater.

Entering university, Luke had a desire to help people and the planet, quickly realizing that the responsibility was with himself. So, he began creating ideas to become that catalyst for change. Believing in a better world, where humanity and nature work in harmony.

Graduating from Durham University, Rory wanted to start something new and different. Beginning as a hobby to help Luke make Alora into more than an idea, Rory realized this was a dream come true. An opportunity to give the world a brighter future every day. When given that opportunity, he had to grasp it with both hands.

They have made the first truly sustainable ocean agriculture system with a global network and patented scientific methods. Overcoming both the global food and climate crises.

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