Khalila Writes – Fighting cultural misconceptions towards Muslims through the power of voice

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Fighting cultural misconceptions towards Muslims through the power of voice

During the pandemic, many entrepreneurs took to the online space, and with that, we saw more women becoming visible within our communities. Unfortunately, there is a misconceived idea culturally and globally as to what it means to be a Muslim woman. They have skills and add immense value to the working world. With the rise of businesses exploding on social media, Muslim women who once had barriers in place, such as not being able to commit to working hours due to children, are now creating successful businesses online. It is now time to speak up and share their stories. Their children should see representation to aspire to be power players in society and the workforce. Khalila is on a mission to show the world they may choose to cover themselves with a piece of material, but underneath we are all the same.

Khalila Writes

Public speaking strategist

Khalila is a public speaking strategist, coach, mentor, and advocate for Muslim women in business. Khalila is the founder of Power of Voice Academy, where she coaches women to speak up, share their stories, and sell from the stage.

Before embracing the Muslim religion in 2007, Khalila was a radio host and performer. She spoke on stage in front of thousands, but she left that life behind, believing it to be her only choice when she became Muslim. This all changed when she opened a business with a friend using social media to promote their ideas last year. Their business grew to a thriving community of over 8000 and became a worldwide name. They have run extremely successful events speaking in front of international audiences.

Seeing the impact of speaking up both on social media and events helped Khalila re-tap into her skills, realizing that it is possible without sacrificing personal values. As a result, she is now on a mission to impact others, particularly Muslim women in business, to use public speaking strategies to reach a wider audience and grow their business. 

Khalila runs a podcast called FEARLESS, where she helps celebrate the stories of Muslim women, some of whom have risen to millionaire status, and others whose inspiring stories have impacted many lives.

She is now coaching and mentoring many women in business to use the power of their voice. As a fully covered Muslim woman Khalila is passionate to show that ‘If I can, you can.’

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