Jake Voorhees – Community evolution to DAOS: should your tribe become decentralized?

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Community evolution to DAOS: should your tribe become decentralized?

With Web3.0 in the news and being talked about in the general media, most of us are still in the dark about what this means. In addition, there seems to be a new language that has evolved, dominated by acronyms and code words, like DAO, NFT, Crypto and DEFI. It’s a lot. Jake is deeply involved in this work and has help build a community of enthusiasts in Philadelphia. We’re going to talk about why Web 3.0 is so important and why you need to pay attention, especially if you’re a leader of a community. Web3 communities have become empowered like never before and one of the most powerful examples is through a DAO

Jake Voorhees

Co-founder of Defi Philly

Jake is the co-founder of DeFiPhilly.io, a web3 and cryptocurrency community in Philadelphia, PA. We currently have an active grassroots community of nearly 800 members. Today he is the company-wide marketing manager for Pennoni Associates Inc. Jake is a web3 community building, marketing expert, civil transportation engineer, YouTuber, HeForSWE ambassador, and TEDx producer.

During his technical engineering career, Jake built and maintained microsimulation models for three $1 billion+ engineering infrastructure projects in Western Canada (George Massey Tunnel, Kelowna Second Crossing, Pattullo Bridge Replacement).

He is a HeForSWE (Society of Women Engineers) Ambassador and has spoken at several SWE events including the annual conference held in Indianapolis in 2021.

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