Greg Melling – Why the Metaverse Matters

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Why the Metaverse Matters

Greg Melling works at the forefront of technology, and while the Metaverse is not new, it is currently very much on the minds of those paying attention. With the recent renaming of Facebook to Meta, the launch of the Omniverse by NVIDIA, and the proliferation of AR (Augmented Reality and VR (Virtual Reality), it is finally time for the Metaverse to become a part of conversations at the dinner table. Greg will help us understand a wide range of areas as we become more familiar with the Metaverse.

Greg Melling

Digital Experience Expert

Greg Melling is a Creative Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience driving digital solutions in the Industrial, and Media & Entertainment domains. He started his career at General Motors in 1993 as a 3D designer working in the early days of virtual reality and digital product experience. He moved into the world of software technology in 2000. Since then, Greg has been a pioneer in visualization technology, taking a range of leadership roles in market development, consulting, and corporate strategy. During his career, he has formed and contributed to the innovation initiatives for over 50 Fortune 500 companies gaining insights and pushing the envelope of what's possible in 3D product development, advanced visualization, digital experience, and simulation. While evangelizing technology to client business initiatives, he never stops exploring how technology can propel the human experience, drive productivity, and transform the marketplace. Currently, Greg is at Unity Technologies, where he works as a Sr. Strategist partnering with enterprise businesses to advance the power of real-time 3D.

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