Diane Luby Lane – Is it possible to change the field of education with poetry? Yes!

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Is it possible to change the field of education with poetry? Yes!

Diane has been using poetry to transform classrooms in Southern California since 2006. Over 10,000 students graduate from Get Lit's award-winning curriculum each year.

Education is at crisis levels. Recent events in the US have shined a spotlight on racial injustice. However, we also need to recognize and address the injustices that take place every day in our classrooms.

Youth voices and youth stories are at the center of Get Lit’s curriculum in which students claim classic/contemporary poems that resonate with their hopes, dreams, and life experiences.

Diane Luby Lane

Founder, Get-LIt Words Ignite

Diane Luby Lane is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Get Lit-Words Ignite, a 2020 Library of Congress best practice honoree for “doing exemplary, innovative, and replicable work that promotes literacy and responds to the needs of our time.” She is the creator of the Get Lit in-school curriculum taught in over 150 schools throughout the US. In addition, she created Get Lit’s annual 3-day Classic Slam, one of the largest youth poetry competitions in the nation. 

She served as the executive producer on the feature film OUR WORDS COLLIDE, following the lives of five Get Lit poets in Los Angeles that premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The Anti-Defamation League awarded its ADL Stand Up Award to "Our Words Collide."

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