Angella Goran – Obstacles & Illusions in Finance for the Banked & UnBanked

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Obstacles & Illusions in Finance for the Banked & UnBanked. Breaking the bank code in support of inclusivity, diversity, & openness.

This conversation is for people and business owners to better understand global financial access and securities, allowing for better use of innovative technologies that are truly aimed at mobilizing and integrating inclusivity, diversity, & openness. Over 1.7 Billion people in the world are unbanked, and 31% of the worlds 7.8 billion are in some way underbanked in 2021.

Angella Goran

CEO, Founder

Angella Goran is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, and advocate for women in technology and advancing girls and women in sport. As the Founder of Tapango Technologies Inc, a vertical Neobank specializing in innovative and disruptive FinTech & InsureTech.

Angella has over 20 years spent between amateur to elite levels of athletics in Rowing (Canadian Women’s National Rowing Team), Triathlon, and currently Cycling. She will be going after the UCI Elite 1 Hour Women’s Elite Indoor Cycling World Record Attempt in the spring. Amazon Prime is also creating a documentary of her attempt to support girls and women in sport.

Angella is a graduate of the University of Victoria, with honors in Political Science, a minor in Psychology, International Relations, and Human Security, Child and Sport Psychology.

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