Andrew Beall – Breaking Reality: The Emotional Impact of VR

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Breaking Reality: The Emotional Impact of VR

In virtual reality, it’s so easy to get trapped by the fallacy that if only the technology mimicked reality better, the metaverse would unfold in all its splendor. That race to perfection blinds us to what works so well today.

Andrew Beall

Chief Scientist, WorldViz

Andrew is co-founder and Chief Scientist at WorldViz, a firm founded in 2002 and today an industry leader in professional virtual reality solutions. With Andrew’s vision for cutting-edge technologies and an understanding of how technologies connect people, WorldViz has pioneered virtual reality services to Fortune 500 industrial customers and numerous university and government agencies. Before launching WorldViz, Andrew completed his B.A. in cognitive science at Brown University, his Ph.D. in experimental psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his post-doctoral research at MIT’s aeronautics and astronautics department.

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