Tim Goldstein – Diversity from a Neurodistinct Perspective

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Diversity from a Neurodistinct Perspective. Neuro Cloud™, How you think as the basis of diversity.

While diversity in the workplace is a common idea particularly in the tech industry, Tim will relate his personal autistic discrimination experience in the tech workplace including being fired multiple times for being different.

Tim Goldstein

Neurodiverse Communication Specialist

As a Neurodiverse Communication Specialist, Tim helps organizations to overcome the business/technology communication gap. Using his Cloud Neurodiversity™ concept he explains how this communication challenge comes from the way our brains are shaped and wired. This makes each group perceive and process the world in such unique ways they are basically aliens without a common language.

Tim is a Certified High-Performance Coach & Certified Master Presenter. He has spoken to groups like Microsoft Denver Dev Day, Cornell University class, Stanford Autism at Work group, Society of Industrial and Occupational Psychologists, multiple international companies, and peer-level presentations to senior executives.