Randy Bretz – Mentoring for a New Era: A Generational Perspective

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Mentoring for a New Era: A Generational Perspective

Randy will discuss why it’s important to have a mentor and how you find someone that will help guide you along the path. We’ll discuss the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and the mentee and the opportunities mentoring gives to both parties. With so much turmoil in the world today and everyone working in time-compressed situations, when would now be a good time to understand how you could raise your hand to help or be helped.

Randy Bretz

Connected Citizen

Randy’s career has involved broadcasting, telecommunications, higher education, church leadership, and public corporation leadership. He finished his formal education in 1982 but has never stopped learning. Most recently, Randy worked with Leadership Lincoln to guide and direct their communications, serves on the Broadband Community Council for Nebraska, is an active member of Rotary 14, the downtown club in Lincoln, the curator of TEDxLincoln, teaches at Nebraska Wesleyan, a mentor with the international program Moonshot Pirates and is a member of the board of Junior Achievement of Lincoln. For an old guy, Randy is considered technologically advanced and connected. He’s active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and a variety of other services. Some fun things about Randy are that he’s been in all 50 states, participated in a week-long rafting trip through the Grand Canyon, and regularly connects online with friends from the TEDx world.

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