Michelle Beyo – A Wave of Change: The Rise of Female Founders, Inclusion, and Diversity

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A Wave of Change: The Rise of Female Founders, Inclusion, and Diversity

A harsh reality must be faced: Female founders still face huge challenges rendering access to opportunities and funding. In a world where diversity is key, how do we change? In this conversation, we will talk with Michelle Beyo, about the wave of transformation and obstacles in the journey of the rising female founder. Driving diversity and inclusion is a complex issue. How do we get women more seats at the table through mentorship? And how, as an ecosystem can we foster a culture ready to tackle imposter syndrome with a strong network of like-minded leaders?

Michelle Beyo


Michelle Beyo is the CEO & founder of FINAVATOR, an award-winning FinTech and Payments Consultancy. She is also a strategic advisor to FinTechs, a Money 20/20 Rise Up alumni, a Global Council Member of Women in Payments, the Membership Chair at Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization, a Payment Advisor at National Crowdfunding and FinTech Association of Canada, and a Board Member at Open Banking Initiative Canada. 

Michelle started FINAVATOR as she is passionate about payments and financial inclusion. She has 20 years of extensive industry experience driving innovation across the retail and payments industry. 

Michelle was named the “Top 30 Best CEOs of 2021” by The Silicon Valley Review and FINAVATOR was awarded "Most Influential Leader in FinTech Consulting - Canada" in 2020.

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