Melissa Yamaguchi – Beyond Vision and Purpose

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Beyond Vision and Purpose

Having vision and purpose isn't enough, you must take action. The four roadblocks people often unknowingly or knowingly run into cause entropy. Your mind is the biggest cause of your inaction. What if one of the clues to discovering the keys to untapping your mind's strengths lay in a greater sense of self? Turning your thoughts into reality requires self-awareness.

The top ten signs that you lack awareness may surprise you, but once addressed, mastered, and understood will positively affect your outcomes, outlook, and life.

Melissa Yamaguchi

Melissa Yamaguchi, a dynamic educator, travels the world teaching lessons on the balance of the individual through the practice of Feng Shui.

Melissa utilizes humor mixed with self-awareness to encourage others to take ownership of their energy and their lives. She served as the first President of The Professional Beauty Association and the first female president of The Salon Association, comprised of national salon owners. She has twice served as a judge on the Global Best Foundation Entrepreneurial Leadership Event sponsored by The Anderson School of Business at UCLA. Own Your Energy, Own Your Life is the name of her blog on Huffington Post.

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