Marco Pinter, Ph.D. – Inspiring Movement in a Sedentary Public

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Inspiring Movement in a Sedentary Public

Movement and dance are enormously valuable for physical and mental health, yet are rarely tapped into. Dr. Pinter creates interactive artworks designed to unlock and inspire movement and has opened the new Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences in Santa Barbara.

Marco Pinter, Ph.D.

Computational Artist

Marco Pinter creates artwork and performances which fuse physical kinetic form with live visualizations. He has a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from UCSB and an undergraduate degree from Cornell. He has exhibited artwork and performances in cities around the world, including Dubai, New York, Montreal, Tehran, Hong Kong, Anaheim, San Diego, and elsewhere. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Museum of Sensory & Movement Experiences, a museum dedicated to interactive and media artworks. Pinter is a contributing author to The McGraw Hill Multimedia Handbook and The Ultimate Multimedia Handbook. He is an inventor on over 70 patents, issued and pending, in the areas of live video technology, robotics, interactivity, and telepresence.

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