Majora Carter – Community as Corporation: Talent Retention in Low-Status Communities

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Community as Corporation: Talent Retention in Low-Status Communities.

Billions of dollars go into education, training, health, and other support for low-status communities in America, yet economic stagnation persists - at times interrupted only by displacement as a result of population increases from re-urbanization and infrastructure improvements such as transit, parks, and traffic calming measures. For those minority families who defied the odds and were able to purchase properties during the era of White-flight, many are liquidating too early and too cheap, at a time when they could be experiencing unprecedented wealth generation. Why is this happening? What is being done to thwart this trend? What are the long-term consequences of not acting to use this economic tide change to benefit municipalities and all levels of government obligations? What is the cost of doing nothing?

Majora Carter

Urban Revitalization Strategist

Majora Carter is a real estate developer, urban revitalization strategy consultant, MacArthur Fellow, and Peabody Award-winning broadcaster. She is responsible for the creation and successful implementation of numerous economic developments, technology & green infrastructure projects, policies, and job training & placement systems.