Fiona Sampson – Ending Impunity for Child Rape

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Ending Impunity for Child Rape

The equality effect is an international network of human rights advocates (including grassroots community members, artists, musicians, filmmakers, health care workers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, students, judges, and Parliamentarians) working collaboratively to improve the lives of women and girls by using existing human rights law to achieve concrete change. We will talk about one of their current projects,, and the impact it is having.

Fiona Sampson

Ending Impunity for Child Rape

Fiona Sampson is a human rights lawyer with a Ph.D. in women’s equality law who has dedicated her 20+ year career to seeking justice for society’s disadvantaged: disabled persons, refugees, Indigenous persons, and victims of violence. She founded the equality effect, an NGO that uses international human rights law to make girls/women’s rights real; the main area of focus for the equality effects is the protection of women and girls from rape. As its CEO, she led her team to the landmark 160 Girls High Court victory in Kenya. Fiona has been called one of the world’s “women revolutionaries” alongside notables that include Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton, and Isobel Coleman.

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