Chris Ragland – Climate Equity & Culture: Rethinking What Makes an Environmentalist

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register for this conversationMay 12, 2021 04:00 PM in Pacific Time

Climate Equity & Culture: Rethinking What Makes an Environmentalist

Chris will unpack environmental justice and the need for culture change to occur simultaneously with policy changes. Re-building relationships between the natural world and communities of color, centering awareness and resiliency into the minds and hearts of Black and Brown youth.

Chris Ragland

The Sea League

Chris Ragland is a community organizer on a mission to make the ocean a safe space for every race. His new project, The Sea League, aims to diversify coastal zones by creating a year-round ocean sports league that is accessible to low-income youth of color. He has a “fun first” approach to addressing climate change, creating pathways to environmental stewardship through time spent in marine habitats. Chris brings over 15 years of experience as a diver, spearfisher, kayak guide, and surfer with a B.A. in Environmental Studies at UCSB.

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